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The need for Cyber Security and Security Awareness for employees
Following the recent trends in the business world, it is acknowledged that Cyber Security is a source of concern for enterprises. The extensive use of the internet and mobile devices, expose organizations to the risk of cyber-attacks more than ever before.
When it comes to cyber security, many enterprises are under the impression that their only concern should be their networking. However, as researches show, human beings are the weakest link in an organization’s digital security system, demonstrating that an estimate of 90 percent of data breaches are being caused as a result of human errors. Therefore, companies cannot afford to overlook the value of training to their employees. 
Why Cyber Security is essential for your business
Despite the rising cases of data breaches, a significant number of organizations are either ignorant or do not value as appropriate the importance of cyber security. Businesses that fail to take cyber security seriously are at risk of suffering losses on different fronts. 
Perhaps, the most obvious effect of a data breach is financial loss. In other words, businesses that fall prey to hackers are likely to experience disruption of operations and theft of intellectual property and may be forced to pay fees to retrieve business data (ransomware), which may cause financial distress. 
Beyond the financial impact, being hacked can also affect an enterprise’s relationship with their customers resulting in loss of trust, reputational damage while it can also place the business in legal jeopardy. 
Finally, data breaches may expose an organization to the risks of being imposed regulatory fines or sanctions due to failure to protect customer information. 
Why you should invest in Cyber Security Tools and Awareness for your employees
Cyber-attacks have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, with hackers using advanced tools and tricks to circumvent the security systems of organizations. Such attacks may come from any level of the organization, from the least suspicious yet extremely effective email phishing scams, to the more sophisticated attacks like malware and ransomware. 
Many organizations invest in their security software but often fail to promote and enhance cyber security awareness among their employees. It is important to acknowledge that in most organizations cyber security is only as strong as its weakest employee. As experts say, a data breach is more likely to come from human error rather than a criminal attack. 
Organizations shall no longer leave cyber security to professionals – all hands must be on deck. Organizations must ensure that their employees understand the basics of cyber security in order to be able to identify, avoid and properly handle different forms of a cyber-attacks. This does not only mean educating staff about cyber security but also providing them with the relevant tools to effectively tackle any attacks. 
How we can help
Whether you are a thriving local business, a mid-sized company or a multinational corporation you need protection to prevent cyber-attacks. Our cyber-security experts can assist you to better understand and deploy end to end cyber security measures which include cyber risk assessments, vulnerability scanning, data leak protection and end user cyber security awareness training platforms, ensuring that both your business and your customers are protected.

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