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At Oneworld Ltd, we deal in solutions. Though a significant proportion of our business is corporate registration and administration, many clients now come to us for a complete solution and amongst those we provide creation and administration of trusts, international tax advice, accounting and payroll, VAT and customs, valuations and related services.

Integrity is the keynote of our operation. Like our clients, we maintain the highest professional standards and code of conduct. Our due diligence procedures more than meet the requirements of the highly regulated jurisdictions in which we work. Adherence to the highest standards is demonstrated by the licenses we have obtained. Our staff are trained comprehensively in anti-money laundering and ‘know your client’ procedures. As you would expect, confidentiality is paramount in all our dealings, and our staff are bound by law to maintain professional confidences.

Thirty years of international work gives us an unrivaled experience. Oneworld Ltd is one of the leading corporate providers and brings that depth of experience to its work and its dealings with clients. Our personnel consist of chartered accountants, lawyers and company secretaries as well as a highly trained and knowledgeable administration and support staff.

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