Oneworld Global Business Services

Company Formation

Our specialists in the Corporate department will undertake the review of your proposed structure, proceed with the incorporation of the entities whilst complying with the applicable legislation and best corporate practice. Shelf companies are maintained and readily available upon request, facilitating company set-up within a few hours.
Corporate Secretarial
Our lawyers and experienced corporate team provide on-going corporate secretarial support and compliance services including:
  • maintaining and safekeeping the statutory records and registers of the company
  • preparing the minutes of directors’ and shareholders’ meetings
  • calling the Annual General Meeting
  • preparing the Annual Directors’ Report to accompany the financial statements
  • preparing and filing the company’s annual return
  • issuing and safekeeping of share certificates
  • arranging for legalisation and certification of documents
  • arranging for the increase or decrease of the company’s share capital
  • registering company pledges
  • issuing of powers of attorney
  • communicating with the Registrar of Companies for all necessary submissions of forms and requests for certificates
Company Administration
We provide a complete range of administration services for the day to day operations of clients which are tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements. Our services include:
  • opening and monitoring bank accounts
  • preparation, review and execution of agreements
  • handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities
  • monitoring local compliance with statutory requirements and filings
  • issue of sales invoices and collection of receivables
  • legal opinions or other legal work where necessary
  • coordination of business processes such as audit, tax advice and VAT work
  • arranging for registration of trademarks or trade names
  • arranging for bank credit cards or applications for bank financing
  • assistance for setting up a fully-fledged office in Cyprus
  • assistance in obtaining work permits for expatriate employees
Oneworld will undertake the appointment of the liquidator on behalf of the shareholders and will carry out the entire liquidation process including:
  • informing the Registrar of Companies that the company has been placed into members’ voluntary liquidation
  • advertising in an international newspaper for possible claims against the company
  • settling all company creditors including any taxes due
  • preparation of statement of dealings during the liquidation period
  • distribution of surplus assets to shareholders

Our specialist trust services group will undertake in full confidentiality the formation and administration of Cyprus International trusts and include the following services:
  • provision of trustees
  • provision of protectors
  • advising on family asset protection and inheritance issues
  • administering trusts involved in employee bonus schemes
  • opening, administering and monitoring all bank accounts
  • liaising with fund managers for the operation of investment accounts
  • maintaining good title of real property
  • making distributions to the beneficiaries

  • formations in Cyprus and all key tax incentive jurisdictions
  • incorporation of Cypriot Investment Firms (CIF) Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), registration of mutual funds
  • supporting firms in obtaining a licence from the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) 
  • assisting entities regulated by CySEC to comply with relevant legislation
  • assisting companies with setting-up AIF, including applications to regulators and ongoing regulatory compliance
  • assisting financial institutions to comply with relevant Central Bank of Cyprus regulations and directions
  • management and day to day administration of entities
  • opening of bank accounts in Cyprus and other jurisdictions

The fiduciary part of our work is our strictest monitored professional service area with tight internal controls and defined authorisation processes to ensure the full protection of our clients’ interests and assets at all times. We offer the following domiciliary services:
  • appointment of Corporate Directors
  • appointment of Company Secretary
  • provision of Registered Office
  • provision of Nominees Shareholders
  • appointment of Bank Signatories
  • tailor-made services to accommodate clients’ specific requirements
  • assisting with bank accounts, raising of sale invoices, preparation of contracts, keeping of accounting records, preparation of monthly management accounts and VAT
  • applications for work/residence permits and renewals
  • provision of business centre offices and conference rooms equipped with furniture and business communication facilities

  • advice and assistance with SPV incorporation
  • setting-up and managing international tax effective structure which may involve offshore jurisdictions
  • provision of qualified independent directors

  • legal formalities for company formations
  • legal opinions and review of documents and agreements
  • drafting of Agreements, SPA, MOU, powers of attorney and other legal documents
  • registration of foreign legal entities and re-domiciliation
  • legal compliance
  • drafting intellectual property documentation
  • investment project review and implementation
  • escrow services
  • securing intellectual property rights relevant to client operations
  • day to day legal issues of clients

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