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Cyprus company formation

Key Features of Cyprus...
Consult our experts to complete your company registration in Cyprus within a period of two weeks.

Cyprus Holding Companies
Request more information from our specialists, on how to register a Cyprus holding company. The registration procedure is very easy and time effective.

Tax Aspects
Learn more about the benefits of registering your company in Cyprus and becoming a tax resident in Cyprus.

Re-domicile your company to benefit from a more favorable tax environment and take advantage from a less stringent regulatory environment.

IP and Royalties
Intellectual Property (IP) can be one of the most valuable assets or an organisation. Therefore choosing the right location for the centralisation and management of the IP is a very important strategic business decision. The ideal location to establish an IP structure is one that can serve the organisation’s business strategies, safeguard and protect its IP whilst offering a tax beneficial environment.

Cyprus Investment Firms...
Cyprus Investment Firms are one of the most useful structures in the EU for performing investment services and activities in Cyprus or abroad.

Bank Account Opening
Fill in and submit the form. One of our consultants will respond promptly upon receipt.

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