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Established in 1986, our Oneworld Ltd is now one of the leading advisory, corporate and business services firms in Cyprus, with offices in Nicosia, Limassol and associated offices in the key business centres of the world. At Oneworld, we provide financial and business solutions to corporate and private clients.

We bring a depth of experience to our work and dealings with clients. Our executives consist of chartered accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, tax specialists, administrators and company secretaries as well as higly skilled and knowledgeable corporate and trust advisors.
In business, as in life, nothing ever stands still. Trends shift, rules change and so do your priorities. Through knowledge development we endeavour to keep you one step ahead and are always looking for new products, services and technology to help us serve you better. This will give you the foresight to prepare for tomorrow's challenges.

We maintain the highest professional standards, code of conduct and integrity. Our due diligence procedures more than meet the requirements of the highly regulated jurisdictions in which we work. Our staff are trained comprehensively in anti-money laundering and "know your client" procedures. As one would expect, confidentiality is paramount in all our dealings and our staff are bound by law to maintain professional confidence.

Authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, Licence no 149/196


"Each client is unique. Our work is not limited to setting up a structure. In fact this is just the beginning. We deliver on-going, day to day, tailor-made services providing quality solutions"

Our Services

Company Formation
We provide a complete range of corporate and trust services tailored to suit each client’s specific requirements.

Business Advisory
We help our clients continuously evolve and adapt to an increasing complex business environment.

Financial Advisory
We can assist in transforming your corporate goals to reality.

Tax and Legal
As enterprises globalise, they can find themselves facing a complex web of tax rules and regulations.

Global Compliance
We can manage your accounting processes efficiently and provide you with the timely and accurate information and analysis that is critical to strategic decision-making.

News & Publications

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"Tax issues are critical to our clients’ decision-making. We make sure they receive updated and well-detailed information on the basis of which we assist them to make their decisions.."

Contact us

75 Prodromou Avenue., Oneworld Parkview House, 2063 Nicosia, Cyprus
P.O. Box 25207, Nicosia 1307

E-mail: info@oneworldweb.net  Telephone: +357 22 496 000 Fax: +357 22 493 000

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