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Cyprus Company Formation - Register a company in Cyprus

Before any other steps are taken with regard to the Cyprus company registration, the Registrar of Companies must be approached to ascertain whether the name by which the company is proposed to be incorporated is acceptable.

It is desirable to submit for approval to the Registrar two or three alternatives to the first choice of name, as experience has shown that this can save time. Where the proposed Cyprus company is intended to have a similar name to that of its parent company, the Registrar will require the consent of the parent company for the use of such name.

The Cyprus company formation and registration procedures, including various administrative needs and up to the time the certificate of incorporation is issued, can normally be completed within a period of two weeks.

Once the Registrar of Companies has been satisfied that the documents lodged in relation to a proposed company are in order, a certificate of incorporation will be issued, whereupon the Cyprus company becomes a corporate body, having an independent legal existence quite distinct from the shareholders composing it.

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