Oneworld Global Business Services

Wealth Pro Ukraine Conference Attendance

Executives of Oneworld Ltd participated in the Wealth Pro Ukraine Conference on 15 February. The conference, organized by Bosco Conference, was attended by many professional firms and businesses.
Topics that were discussed during the conference were the advantages of Liechtenstein for corporate structures such as Liechtenstein foundations and the protection the jurisdictions gives from the automatic exchange of information, the use of Estonian companies as an effective investment and tax planning instrument, and onshore tax heavens in Europe as a gateway for Ukrainians.
Particular emphasis was given to the amendments to the convention for Ukraine and Cyprus relations in regards to changes on the CFC rules of Ukraine and how these amendments will create opportunities for Ukrainians to include Cyprus companies in their Structures.
Other topics discussed include the new CRS regulations of Ukraine, immigration and taxation in Malta and the presentation of a new offshore jurisdiction – Labuan.

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