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Digital nomads, as the term suggests, are individuals who leverage digital technology to work remotely from any corner of the world.

This lifestyle, characterized by location independence and technological empowerment, has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years, as an increasing number of people embrace it as their new way of life.

This global trend has prompted numerous governments to adapt to this evolving reality by incorporating digital nomad visa programs into their legal frameworks. These initiatives aim to entice remote workers, promoting the movement of digital talents from around the world.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus has recently unveiled a dedicated visa program replete with enticing incentives for those seeking to enjoy the advantages of residing on the island while working for companies located outside the nation. This program aspires to catalyse the transformation of the business landscape and spur economic growth by drawing in skilled individuals and entrepreneurial spirits.

Eligibility Criteria

The digital nomad visa is extended to individuals from third countries (non-EU or non-EEA nationals) who meet the following criteria:
  1. Engage in remote work using information and communications technology.
  1. Are either employed and working remotely for a company situated outside the Republic of Cyprus, whether it is their own company or another, or are self-employed with clients located outside of Cyprus.
  1. Can demonstrate a stable and adequate monthly income of at least €3,500, after factoring in contributions and taxes, to sustain their livelihood in Cyprus.
Benefits of the Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa
  1. A one-year residency in Cyprus, extendable for an additional two years.
  1. The ability for their family members to accompany them in Cyprus for the same duration, with family members also receiving a residence permit expiring concurrently with the primary holder's permit. However, family members are not permitted to seek dependent employment or engage in any form of economic activity within the country during their stay.
  1. If they spend more than 183 days in Cyprus within a single calendar year, they qualify as Cyprus tax residents, thus gaining access to various tax incentives. Individuals who spend fewer than 184 days in Cyprus but more than 60 days may still be considered Cyprus tax residents, contingent on satisfying specific supplementary criteria.

How to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa
Upon arriving in Cyprus, individuals have a three-month window to complete their application for a digital nomad visa. The application, along with the necessary documentation, should be submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department. For those eligible, it is possible to enter Cyprus initially with a tourist visa, If applicable.
In cases where the applicant is already residing in Cyprus under a different immigration status, they can till apply for a digital nomad visa through the Civil Registry and Migration Department, as long as they fulfil the required conditions:
  1. A minimum financial threshold for incoming funds, substantiated by sources such as salary and bank statements, has been established at €3,500 per month. For the spouse, this threshold increases by 20% and for any minor children, it increases by 15%.
  1. Health insurance that provides coverage for hospitalization, outpatient services and the repatriation of deceased individuals.
  1. A declaration confirming that the applicant and their dependent family members have no intention to seek employment, offer services or engage in any business activities with companies or clients located in Cyprus.
  1. Clean criminal record certificate from the country of residence
  1. Must secure suitable housing in the Republic of Cyprus 
Time of Examination

The application typically undergoes review within a timeframe of about 5 to 7 weeks starting from the date it is submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department.
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