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The growing international market for Citizenship and Residency

A growing number of countries now offer immigrant investor programs, exchanging residence rights or citizenship for a sizeable investment in their economies. From “cash-for-citizenship” to incentives to invest in private sector businesses or property, the market for investor immigration has become increasingly diverse.
There are many advantages of a second citizenship. The most important aspects:
(a)    freedom of movement. Second or third citizenship allows you to literally discover the world. For instance, a passport issued in Cyprus or Malta makes it possible for you to visit all the EU countries freely and live there. If you are a citizen of one of the Caribbean countries, you can also visit the EU countries, Singapore, Hong Kong without a visa and you have a simplified procedure for obtaining visa to the USA.
(b)   capital assets are protected. There are advantages connected with taxation system and risks are mitigated. You may well consider obtaining second citizenship and passport in case you experience the following challenges: your country has groundlessly high taxes, tight country currency code, your country restricts you to work and invest in the economy you wish, and your assets are under risk of legal judgment proceedings. Another advantage of a second citizenship is that the country, granting it to you, does not inform your native country about obtaining a second citizenship.
(c)     business and family are safe. Modern world is unstable, military conflicts are flaring up quick as a wink, many people experience political heat for various reasons. That is why it is reasonable to protect yourself together with your family and guarantee an opportunity to live in stable economies.
Our citizenship and residence advisory for private clients involves fiduciary solutions for individuals and families who move internationally, possibly own property in different countries and who often have international situations and requirements. Our integrated services cover not only tax, immigration and citizenship aspects but also international private law, real estate structuring and more.
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