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Technology Procurement - Strategy to Consolidate all IT hardware, software maintenance agreements and outsource

Customer challenges
IT hardware maintenance services have grown tremendously in both types of devices and number of stores over the past 10 years. There were inadequate governance and controls for the one million spend in asset, financial, contract & Service Level Agreement (SLA)  management.  The environment was overly complex with different definitions, processes and accountabilities among vendors. No common understanding among users, vendors and help desk.

What we offer
We created a credible business case of cost savings and service improvements leveraging known best-in-class improvements assembled into a new operating model. We had active engagement of Directors and we gained alignment with stakeholders.

A single best in class interaction model was documented for all hardware maintenance. Central roles were clarified, interactions and accountabilities assigned to procurement personal.

We managed the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, solution validation, provider selection. Where appropriate, we introduced vendor consolidation, as well as improved warranty and disposal management.

We created a plan to onboard key roles, create the incident hub among vendors, consolidate contracts, consolidate operations and perform IT asset true-up. This positioned the client to lead and complete the transition.

The result
RALLITON successfully completed a robust strategy, new operating model, chosen provider and transition plan.  The consolidation of the technologies and vendors, made the purchase chain more effective, reducing the total cost and simplifying the operation process for best productivity and end results.

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