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Mauritius removed from the EU grey list and marked fully compliant.

The European Economic and Financial Affairs council has certified Mauritius as fully compliant with all commitments regarding corporate tax. Mauritius has implemented all necessary reforms so as to comply with the tax principles set by the European Union.

Mauritius introduced the Freeport zone and Partial Exemption regimes, which are broadly aligned with the like of EU anti-tax avoidance directive. Additionally, the Mauritian government introduced measures to ensure that the set up for tax practises was transparent, similar to the standards of OECD Base Erosion and Profit Sharing and eliminate potential harmful tax practises. 
This Recognition is a very good public acknowledgement for Mauritius as it strives to enhance its position and reputation as a competitive Global Financial centre.

Mauritius as it stands offers multiple benefits for individuals and investors, including:
  • Tax Incentives/Fiscal benefits (Low Tax rates of 0% - 3% - 15%)
  • 46 DTAAs and counting (Majority with African countries)
  • Skilled and bi-lingual (English & French) pool of qualified lawyers, accountants and chartered secretaries and other professionals
  • Good Governance - Ranked No. 1 in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • No withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties paid outside of Mauritius
  • No Capital Gains Tax
  • No foreign exchange control
  • Member of SADC, IOR-ARC and COMESA
  • Fully Confidential except for CRS and FATCA reporting.
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